This package allows you to load and add Lottie animations to your Flame game.

The native Lottie libraries (such as lottie-android) are maintained by Airbnb.

The Flutter package lottie, on which this wrapper is based on, is by developed xaha.dev and can be found on pub.dev.


To use it in your game you just need to add flame_lottie to your pubspec.yaml.

Simply load the Lottie animation using the loadLottie method and the LottieBuilder. It allows all the various ways of loading a Lottie file:

… and add it as LottieComponent to your Flame 🔥 game.


class MyGame extends FlameGame {
  Future<void> onLoad() async {
    final asset = Lottie.asset('assets/LottieLogo1.json');
    final animation = await loadLottie(asset);
        repeating: true, // Continuously loop the animation.
        size: Vector2.all(400),