Supported Platforms

Since Flame runs on top of Flutter, so its supported platforms depend on which platforms that are supported by Flutter.

At the moment, Flame supports web, mobile(Android and iOS) and desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux).

Flutter channels

Flame keeps it support on the stable channel. The dev, beta and master channel should work, but we don’t support them. This means that issues happening outside the stable channel are not a priority.

Flame web

To use Flame on web you need to make sure your game is using the CanvasKit/Skia renderer. This will increase performance on the web, as it will use the canvas element instead of separate DOM elements.

To run your game using skia, use the following command:

flutter run -d chrome --web-renderer canvaskit

To build the game for production, using skia, use the following:

flutter build web --release --web-renderer canvaskit

Deploy your game to GitHub Pages

One easy way to deploy your game online, is to use GitHub Pages. It is a cool feature from GitHub, by which you can easily host web content from your repository.

Here we will explain the easiest way to get your game hosted using GitHub pages.

First thing, lets create the branch where your deployed files will live:

git checkout -b gh-pages

This branch can be created from main or any other place, it doesn’t matter much. After you push that branch go back to your main branch.

Now you should add the flutter-gh-pages action to your repository, you can do that by creating a file gh-pages.yaml under the folder .github/workflows.

name: Gh-Pages

    branches: [ main ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - uses: subosito/flutter-action@v2
      - uses: bluefireteam/flutter-gh-pages@v8
          baseHref: /NAME_OF_YOUR_REPOSITORY/
          webRenderer: canvaskit

Be sure to change NAME_OF_YOUR_REPOSITORY to the name of your GitHub repository.

Now, whenever you push something to the main branch, the action will run and update your deployed game.

The game should be available at an URL like this:

Deploy your game to

  1. Create a web build, either from your IDE or by running flutter build web (If it complains about Missing index.html run flutter create . --platforms=web)

  2. Go into index.html and remove the line that says <base href="/">

  3. zip the build/web folder and upload to

Remember that it shouldn’t be the web directory in your project’s root, but in build/web!

If you are submitting your game to a game jam, remember to make it public and submit it on the game jam page too (many get confused by this).

Further instructions can be found on

Web support

When using Flame on the web some methods may not work. For example Flame.device.setOrientation and Flame.device.fullScreen won’t work on web, they can be called, but nothing will happen.

Another example: pre caching audio using flame_audio package also doesn’t work due to Audioplayers not supporting it on web. This can be worked around by using the http package, and requesting a get to the audio file, that will make the browser cache the file producing the same effect as on mobile.

If you want to create instances of ui.Image on the web you can use our Flame.images.decodeImageFromPixels method. This wraps the decodeImageFromPixels from the ui library, but with support for the web platform. If the runAsWeb argument is set to true (by default it is set to kIsWeb) it will decode the image using an internal image method. When the runAsWeb is false it will use the decodeImageFromPixels, which is currently not supported on the web.