A variable is a place to store some piece of information – it is the same notion as in any other programming language. Each variable has a name, value, type, and a scope.


The name of a variable is how you refer to it in a .yarn script. The names of all variables start with a $ sign, followed by a letter or an underscore, and then by any number of letters, digits, or underscores. Thus, the following are all valid variables names:


while the following are NOT valid names:



Each variable has a certain type associated with it. The type of a variable is determined when the variable is first declared, and it never changes afterwards.

There are three types of variables in YarnSpinner: string, number, and bool.

  • bool variables can store either true or false and nothing else;

  • number variables may contain either integer or decimal numbers, such as 0, 42, 2.5;

  • string variables contain arbitrary text, for example "the most random number is 4".

// Creates a variable $money of type number, and gives it initial value of 100
<<declare $money = 100>>

// Creates variable $name of type string, the initial value will be ""
<<declare $name as String>>


Each variable stores a single value. This value can be replaced with another value at any time, but the type of the new value must be the same.

Each variable will have an initial value assigned to it when the variable is first created, and then new values can be assigned with the <<set>> command.

<<set $money += 10>>  // increases the value of $money by 10


The scope of a variable is where exactly it can be accessed. In YarnSpinner, the variables can be either global or local.

  • The global variables are introduced via the <<declare>> command, and once created can be accessed anywhere. The names of all global variables are unique.

  • The local variables are created with the <<local>> command, and can only be used within the node where they were created. It is possible to have a local variable with the same name in different nodes, and they will be considered different variables.

<<declare $global_variable = 0>>

title: MyNode
<<local $local_variable = 1>>