The commands are special instructions surrounded with double angle-brackets: <<stop>>. There are both built-in and user-defined commands.

The built-in commands are those that are supported by the YarnSpinner runtime itself. Typically they would alter the execution of the dialogue, or perform a similar dialogue-related function. The full list of such commands is given below.

The user-defined commands are those that you yourself create and then use within your yarn scripts. For a full description of these commands, see the document on user-defined commands.

Built-in commands



Declares a character (person).


Declares a global variable.


Declares a local variable.


Updates the value of a variable (either local or global).

Control flow


Conditionally executes certain statements. This is equivalent to the if keyword in most programming languages.


Switches execution to another node.


Stops executing the current node.


Temporarily jumps to another node, and then comes back.


Pauses the dialogue for the specified amount of time.