Looping Background Music

With the Bgm class, you can manage looping of background music tracks with regards to application (or game) lifecycle state changes.

When the application is terminated, or sent to background, Bgm will automatically pause the currently playing music track. Similarly, when the application is resumed, Bgm will resume the background music. Manually pausing and resuming your tracks is also supported.

For this class to function properly, the observer must be registered by calling the following:


IMPORTANT Note: The initialize function must be called at a point in time where an instance of the WidgetsBinding class already exists. Best practice is to put this call inside of your game’s onLoad method`.

In cases where you’re done with background music but still want to keep the application/game running, use the dispose function to remove the observer.


To play a looping background music track, run:

import 'package:flame_audio/flame_audio.dart';


You must have an appropriate folder structure and add the files to the pubspec.yaml file, as explained in Flame Audio documentation.

Caching music files

The Bgm class will use the static instance of FlameAudio for storing cached music files by default.

So in order to pre-load music, you can use the same recommendations from the Flame Audio documentation.

You can optionally create your own Bgm instances with different backing AudioCaches, if you so desire.



The play function takes in a String that should be a path that points to the location of the music file to be played (following the Flame Audio folder structure requirements).

You can pass an additional optional double parameter which is the volume (defaults to 1.0).


FlameAudio.bgm.play('music/world-map.mp3', volume: .25);


To stop a currently playing background music track, just call stop.


Pause and Resume

To manually pause and resume background music you can use the pause and resume functions.

FlameAudio.bgm automatically handles pausing and resuming the currently playing background music track. Manually pausing prevents the app/game from auto-resuming when focus is given back to the app/game.