One advantage when developing games with Flutter is the ability to use Flutter’s extensive toolset for building UIs, Flame tries to expand on that by introducing widgets that are made with games in mind.

Here you can find all the available widgets provided by Flame.

You can also see all the widgets showcased inside a Dashbook sandbox here


A Nine Tile Box is a rectangle drawn using a grid sprite.

The grid sprite is a 3x3 grid and with 9 blocks, representing the 4 corners, the 4 sides and the middle.

The corners are drawn at the same size, the sides are stretched on the side direction and the middle is expanded both ways.

The NineTileBoxWidget implements a Container using that standard. This pattern is also implemented as a component in the NineTileBoxComponent so that you can add this feature directly to your FlameGame. To get to know more about this, check the component docs here.

Here you can find an example of how to use it (without using the NineTileBoxComponent):

import 'package:flame/widgets';

    image: image, // dart:ui image instance
    tileSize: 16, // The width/height of the tile on your grid image
    destTileSize: 50, // The dimensions to be used when drawing the tile on the canvas
    child: SomeWidget(), // Any Flutter widget


SpriteButton is a simple widget that creates a button based on Flame sprites. This can be very useful when trying to create non-default looking buttons. For example when it is easier for you to achieve your wanted look by drawing the button in a graphics editor, instead of making it directly in Flutter.

How to use it:

    onPressed: () {
    label: const Text('Sprite Button', style: const TextStyle(color: const Color(0xFF5D275D))),
    sprite: _spriteButton,
    pressedSprite: _pressedSprite,
    height: _height,
    width: _width,


SpriteWidget is a widget used to display a Sprite inside a widget tree.

This is how to use it:

    sprite: yourSprite,
    anchor: Anchor.center,


SpriteAnimationWidget is a widget used to display SpriteAnimations inside a widget tree.

This is how to use it:

    animation: _animation,
    animationTicker: _animationTicker,
    playing: true,
    anchor: Anchor.center,