Flame SVG

flame_svg provides a simple API for rendering SVG images in your game.


Svg support is provided by the flame_svg bridge package, be sure to put it in your pubspec file to use it.

If you want to know more about the installation visit flame_svg on pub.dev.

How to use flame_svg

To use it just import the Svg class from 'package:flame_svg/flame_svg.dart', and use the following snippet to render it on the canvas:

final svgInstance = await Svg.load('android.svg');

final position = Vector2(100, 100);
final size = Vector2(300, 300);

svgInstance.renderPosition(canvas, position, size);

or use the SvgComponent and add it to the component tree:

class MyGame extends FlameGame {
  Future<void> onLoad() async {
    final svgInstance = await Svg.load('android.svg');
    final size = Vector2.all(100);
    final position = Vector2.all(100);
    final svgComponent = SvgComponent(
      size: size,
      position: position,
      svg: svgInstance,