FlameNetworkAssets is a bridge package focused on providing a solution to fetch, and cache assets from the network.

The FlameNetworkAssets class provides an abstraction that should be extended in order to create asset specific handler.

By default, the package relies on the http package to make http requests, and path_provider to get the place to store the local cache, to use a different approach for those, use the optional arguments in the constructor.

This package bundles a specific asset handler class for images:

final networkAssets = FlameNetworkImages();
final playerSprite = await networkAssets.load('https://url.com/image.png');

To create a specific asset handler class, you just need to extend the FlameNetworkAssets class and define the decodeAsset and encodeAsset arguments:

class FlameNetworkCustomAsset extends FlameNetworkAssets<CustomAsset> {
  }) : super(
          decodeAsset: (bytes) => CustomAsset.decode(bytes),
          encodeAsset: (CustomAsset asset) => asset.encode(),